Brown Boots

Striding Out

“A gloriously infectious tide of exhilarating momentum” – Folk London magazine

Our new album, Striding Out, is available now! Order from our Bandcamp page.

We held an album launch concert on 6 July, London. What a wonderful evening sharing music together! Here’s a video from the launch of our set “Helen Fraser”.

First Steps

“One of the most invigorating all instrumental CDs of recent times” – Folk London magazine

Our first album, First Steps, was released in that infamous time of spring 2020. We’re very proud of it. Click here to buy now…

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What people are saying…

Hello, we’re Will and Martin. Together we’re Brown Boots. We play traditional music on melodeon and fiddle.

We’ll take you on a journey across beautiful musical landscapes – playing tunes from across Britain and Ireland – and even further afield. It’s like going for a walk on a clear, spring morning, with the fresh air full of life. Bring your boots…